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As an executive coach, I support exceptional leaders in an active dialog to reflect and achieve new heights of success
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To solve burning issues immediately, visit me for 2 days in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) or anywhere else
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Claudia facilitates synergy among executive teams to foster cohesive, visionary leadership and to unlock unprecedented levels of performance

Prof. Dr. Claudia Nagel is an executive coach with a strong record of guiding CEOs and senior leaders getting through their most demanding professional challenges and taking their leadership impact to the next level.

She has developed “High Impact Executive Coaching” and is the founder of Nagel & Company leadership consulting (
and author of
“Leading with depth. How emotions and relationships impact leadership”



As a coach, I want to make my clients more successful in their leadership work. To be successful entails empathic and strategic leadership as well as a feeling of personal satisfaction. Being at the top of an organisation may mean that you do not get open, constructive and critical feedback. Yet this is what we all need to develop further. Together with my clients, I work on their questions and problems and find new ways for their professional and personal development that will lead to more success and happiness in their lives.


Psychoanalysis frightens many people, as if we analysts could simply see through them. But people and their souls are far too complex for that. So there is nothing to fear. However, psychoanalysis has a number of tools to help you understand hidden, less conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and patterns. If unrecognised, these can prevent you from discovering the core of your being and becoming who you really are. This is what makes you an authentic leader. And getting rid of old, dysfunctional patterns is very liberating and relieving, giving you more strength and energy for the real challenges.


In my heart and soul, I am both a practitioner and a scientist. Through my scientific work I develop new areas of knowledge which I then apply in practice. I communicate these new insights in scientific articles and book chapters. At my chair at the VU, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (, I work on change and identity formation processes in organisations, partnerships and larger ecosystems – topics that are of great importance to you as a leader.


Writer and speaker

I published my first book in 2008, although it was more of a booklet at the time. Since then, three veritable books have been added and a fourth and fifth are in the works. The longer I write, the more I enjoy it. After more than 30 years of professional experience, it simply feels good to write down my thoughts and experiences and share them with others.

In presentations tailored to your or your company’s needs, I am happy to share my experiences.


"Prof. Nagel and I got to know and appreciate each other on a podium discussion. Her straightforwardness, her openness, and the willingness to take unusual ways and stay true to herself are traits that created a desire for collaboration. It is not surprising that our first joint project did not really fit into the usual coaching offer of Prof. Nagel, but it demonstrates that she is also concerned with the development of young female high potentials. Based on her experience and analytical abilities, Prof. Nagel gives strong support for personal development as well as for managing expectations. What I personally also very much like about working with Prof. Nagel is her constant search for new challenges and creative business ideas as well as her absolute team spirit."

— Gertraud Dirscherl
Partner, Member of the Leadership Team Transaction & Restructuring at KPMG AG

"I have got to know Prof. Nagel as a professional and goal-oriented presenter and consultant, who worked out differences in groups in a remarkable way and developed "liberating" solutions with the group. She has an unerring understanding of how disagreements and divergent perspectives are to be transformed into joint initiatives and activities for the benefit of stakeholders and the company."

— Gerhard Berssenbrügge,
CEO, Nestlé Deutschland AG

"From the onset, the collaboration with Dr. Nagel during the strategy and management team building process was professional and enjoyable. Even the briefing and analysis phases were very target-oriented, which played a substantial role during the project’s further progression and its ultimate success. Aside from her training as a psychoanalyst, you just get the impression that Claudia Nagel draws on a broad base of diverse consulting experience. Beyond this, Dr. Nagel can rely on her profound knowledge and experience from diverse managerial functions. These distinguish her in a positive sense from many other consultants. Empathy, professionalism and the ability to never lose sight of the final goal define Dr. Nagel as a consulting partner, and I can highly recommend her!"

— Bernd-Thomas Hohman,
CEO Henry Schein Deutschland

"The Royal Bank of Scotland has been working very successfully with Dr. Nagel in Frankfurt for many years. We especially value her competence, her experience, her empathy and understanding as well as her ability to place human values, personal development and, in turn , progress into the context of corporate performance."

— Dr. Ingrid Hengster,
Country Executive Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Royal Bank of Scotland

"In my opinion, Dr. Nagel can offer an extremely unique combination of consulting services since she can support both the strategic- and business-related area as well as the interpersonal, team-oriented area. In this fashion, both the content-related requirements as well as the effective collaboration of a group can be addressed simultaneously in order to achieve better long-term business results. On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in discussions with Dr. Nagel and I am always able to take away new ideas from our conversations. Based on her background, Dr. Nagel is in a position to highlight correlations more in depth and her insights normally go above and beyond what is considered standard."

– Elke Strathmann,
Member of the Board


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