Personal Coaching Retreat

Sometimes you need someone to talk to quickly because something important, difficult, unpleasant or overwhelming has just happened. Then the coaching retreat is just right for you!

Your Personal Space for Renewal and Solutions

From Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime, for example, this coaching retreat offers a special space in which you and your needs take center stage. We can also arrange for a retreat during the week.



Retreat to a beautiful, quite location, away from daily business


Guided deep reflection


Nurturing environment making you feel safe and at home

How It Works

We will have an introductory zoom session to help me understand your question and your needs. We will agree on a date and time for the retreat – preferably a weekend, but we can also meet during the week.


Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Whether it’s a business setback, a drop in your company’s stock price, a communication issue, or a personal matter such as a career change, a relationship conflict, or the loss of a loved one, a quick and empathetic consultation can make all the difference. My two-day coaching retreats are designed specifically for these critical moments and offer insightful and effective advice.

The Approach

The retreat offers a multifaceted approach, incorporating one-on-one conversations, peaceful walks, shared meals, and moments of quiet reflection, ensuring you feel both held and deeply understood. This nurturing environment is designed to give you the mental and emotional space to explore new outlooks and discover actionable solutions. You’ll return from the retreat not just refreshed but also mentally organized, equipped to confront whatever challenges lay ahead.on convenient for you. 

The venue

We will work together at the Lili Tempel, a beautiful building dating back from the 18th century and surrounded by a little park. You may want to lodge in the Sheraton Hotel near by and we will spend the time from say Friday afternoon to Sunday Lunch included to reflect together focussing on you your needs. Of course we could also meet during the week, depending on availability.
We can also meet at any location convenient for you. Just let me know where you would like to go.


Lili Tempel, Offenbach
Germany, 63065 


+49 69 742299-10


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