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Nagel, C. (2022): The virus as symbol for the 4th humiliation of humankind. In H. Brunning & O. Khaleelee (Eds): The Covid Trail. Bicester: Phoenix. pp. 121-138.

Nagel, C. (2018): German Leadership. In: S. Western and E.J. Garcia (eds): Global Leadership Perspectives. Insights and Analysis, Sage Publications.

Nagel, C. (2012): Psychodynamic Strategy Consulting. In: Thomas Giernalzcyk, Mathias Lohmer (Eds.), The Unconscious in the Company. Psychodynamics of leadership, consulting and change management. Schaeffer Poeschl. pp. 211-230..


Nagel, C. (2023): Leading hybrid organisations – The contribution of ‘Leadership Beacons’, emotional transcendence and transitional space. Organisational & Social Dynamics 23(2)

Fiorito, T., Nagel, C., Veenswijk, MB. & Drori, I., (2023): Navigating Paradoxical Tensions in the Context of Coopetition. Emotional Transcendence in a Dutch Public–Private Partnership. Journal of Change 23/2, 1-2

Nagel, C. (2021): On the psychodynamics of hope and identity in times of crisis: why they are needed when basic assumption victimism/supremacism prevail. Special Edition of Organisational and Social Dynamics. 1/21. 56-77


  • Nagel, C. (2020): COVID19 presents us with the 4th narcissistic blow to humankind – not only leaders need to recollect their human qualities. View PDF file
  • Nagel, C. (2020): COVID 19 – A dialectic moment in time – Embracing paradox is key – You are the tool.  View PDF file
  • Nagel, C., (2020): COVID19 – Leadership in times of COVID19 – Containment is key – You are desperately needed! View PDF file


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