Top Team Coaching

With Prof. Dr Claudia Nagel

Facilitating synergy among executive teams to foster cohesive, visionary leadership and to unlock unprecedented levels of performance

Optimal Boardroom Dynamics

Navigating boardroom dynamics can be a complex endeavor. From internal clashes to dysfunctional team dynamics, resolving such issues from within can be exceptionally challenging. Claudia Nagel, a seasoned senior executive coach, provides the external viewpoint and expertise needed to identify and rectify these challenges.



Improve your collaboration


Develop a high performance attitude


Enjoy working together


Reap the fruits of your team work


Get over destructive team dynamics

How does it work

Every team coaching project begins with an analysis of the team meetings and the leadership culture – through individual interviews with all team members. We then discuss the results together and consider how best to proceed.

Achieving Peak Board Performance

I bring many years of experience to her work with executive teams, specializing in elevating them to high-performance levels. My team coaching focuses on aligning behind strategic goals, working through challenging team dynamics, and harmonizing individual styles for more effective collaboration. Achieving cohesion among the board members whilst embracing differences not only unlocks new levels of performance but also sets the tone for the entire organization. In today’s fast-paced, competitive business landscape, ensuring a collaborative boardroom environment is not an optional luxury—it’s a necessity for organizational success

Thinking and working together

High performance as a team can only be achieved if people trust each other. Yet competition and compartmentalization seem to dominate at the board level. However, a team can only achieve more than a group of people working together, if joint reflection and decision making go beyond normal cooperation. The goal of my team coaching is to achieve this together and as comfortably as possible.

How does it work?

We have several options for working together. Going somewhere for a team retreat is one possibility, using half a day or a day of your regular meeting time would be a another one. And thirdly I can accompany your regular meetings for a while and we can work on the spot on themes that arise. You choose!


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