Prof. Dr. Claudia Nagel

Executive Coach and C-Suite Advisor

Founder of Nagel & Company (2005), economist and psychoanalyst, Senior Executive Coach for over 20 years, supports high-level executives and their management teams to become even more successful – with an outstanding track record.

Claudia Nagel Executive Coach and C-Suite Advisor.

My Approach

My coaching philosophy is based on many years of personal leadership experience, paired with in-depth knowledge of depth and business psychology, economic expertise and the exchange with many managers. Behind the obvious questions and problems often lie old patterns or completely different issues. Once these are recognized, it is often possible to achieve professional and personal breakthroughs.

Unlocking the True Potential of your Leadership

Being a leader is not just a role, it is the art of managing yourself, influencing others, and leading an entire organization. In today’s competitive landscape, the foundation of success is not just good strategy; it’s the people, the emotions, and the relationships that really count. Whether you’re dealing with board colleagues, executives, your team or customers, these “soft skills” are the hard facts that often make the difference between mediocre performance and profound results.

Navigate Complex Leadership Challenges

With me as your executive coach, you are choosing a unique blend of no-nonsense advice and deep personal insight. In my work, I focus on your leadership challenges, uncovering their connections to your own life story and empowering you to face and overcome them with renewed enthusiasm and effectiveness. Think of me as your confidential, impartial sounding board for strategic and practical leadership decisions, helping you to think deeply before taking determined action.

Making your mark as a strategic, people-oriented leader

Personal change requires trust and time. I generally aim to be your long-term executive coach, but in a crisis situation you may need immediate advice – so I offer an intensive two-day in-person coaching retreat.
In both cases, my coaching aims to increase your effectiveness as a leader and improve your people skills. Having coached hundreds of leaders to new heights, I am confident that I can help you develop and realize your own vision of a successful life as a leader..

Are you ready to redefine your leadership success with a coaching experience that goes underneath the surface? 
Take the first step and use your leadership challenges to increase your impact and become more personally satisfied.



Prof. Dr. Claudia Nagel is a C-Suite consultant and executive coach with more than twenty years of experience in supporting leaders and teams to take their leadership impact to the next level. Claudia specializes in working with leaders in the areas of C-suite leadership, leadership presence, leadership in the age of artificial intelligence, leadership in major change processes and personal leadership development. She has worked with clients at the highest levels in a variety of industries including capital goods, B2B commerce and retail, Big Four companies, financial services, management consulting and not-for-profit organizations.

Executive Experience

Before founding Nagel & Company leadership consulting, Claudia’s executive leadership experience included holding different roles at organizations including investment banks (Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse), executive search (Hofman & HEADS) and academia being the chair owner at the VU  and running a business ethics institute.
She was also president of a professional membership organisation (ISPSO, the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations) and has her own research chair at the VU, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

C-suite Advisor

Over the past twenty years or so Claudia has advised internationally to many senior executives and top management teams/executive boards in a variety of companies whether public traded, family businesses or non-for-profit. This experience combined with her management consulting background allows her to have  deep and productive exchange with her clients.

Author and Speaker

Claudia has written five books and has two more are in the making. In addition she has published over forty articles and book chapters. She focuses mainly on the psychology of leadership, change and business in general and researches on strategy development at the board level. She speaks at conferences and events on her topics and research findings.

Academic Honors

Claudia obtained her Master of Business Administration from the University of Cologne and spent a year at HEC.. She holds a PhD in Organizational and Business Psychology and is a Chartered Psychoanalyst with a Post Graduate Diploma from ISAP (International School of Analytical Psychology, Zurich, 2008). She is also full professor with a chair in Change & identity in organizational sciences at the VU in Amsterdam

Additonal information

Claudia has lived in Paris, London, New York and now lives near Frankfurt am Main, where she also holds honorary positions in charitable organizations that are important to her.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, sculpting with a chainsaw, rowing, going to the opera and concerts and, of course, spending time with her partner and friends.


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