Individual Coaching

Prof. Dr. Claudia Nagel

As an executive coach, I support exceptional leaders in an active dialog to reflect and achieve new heights of success applying my High Impact Executive Coaching approach

Making a Mark

High Impact Executive Coaching: CEO and Leadership Coaching by Prof. Claudia Nagel

Step into your fullest potential as a CEO or senior leader and craft the type of leadership that not only aligns with your personal ambitions but also fosters positive impact within your organization. To do this effectively, you’ll need a confidential, impartial sounding board for robust self-reflection, strategic alignment, and the crystallization of your leadership objectives. This is where my highly individualized coaching comes in, which is aimed exclusively at leaders who want to develop personally and professionally.

Deep Dive into CEO Personal Development and Strategic Leadership

With my CEO Coaching, the spotlight is firmly on you—your emotions, your relationships, and yes, your bottom line. In an era where AI is pushing “soft” skills to the forefront, I help you become a leader who perfectly balances people-centric empathy with laser-focused strategy. Through probing inquiry and constructive challenges, I tie your actions and reflections back to your own life story, unlocking new dimensions of self-awareness. My goal?  To empower you to navigate unprecedented challenges, turning them into unique opportunities, and bringing a sense of fulfillment and joy to your leadership role.



Align with your personal ambition


Foster positive leadership impact


Encourage robust self-reflection


For high-achieving leaders


Combines people-centric leadership and focused strategic thinking


You will achieve a sense of fulfilment and joy

How It Works

For top-tier CEOs and executives, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ coaching approach simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why I’ve developed a flexible coaching framework that dynamically adapts to your unique needs and aspirations.

Typical duration

This is a journey of tailored executive advice designed to unlock your fullest potential. The duration is determined by you, based on how deeply we’ve been able to delve into the issues at hand and the measurable outcomes you’ve achieved. When you feel our collaborative journey has reached its intended milestones, we will conclude with a thorough, reflective wrap-up session.

The setting

The setting is unique place – the Lili Temple, which is perfect for opening up your thinking and feeling. The initial face-to-face session sets the tone, either at my beautiful venue or your corporate space. From there, we prioritize in-person interactions because nothing else captures the essence and intensity of executive coaching quite like it. Exceptions can be made once a mutual trust is built. As for retreats and board coaching, flexibility meets luxury. Whether at my specially-designed venue or a globally-renowned location of your choosing, the aim is always to elevate your executive skills in the finest settings.

The process

Time is the one luxury most CEOs and senior executives can’t afford to waste. That’s precisely why I’ve crafted a half-day coaching model that respects your busy schedule while also delivering unparalleled depth and insight. These aren’t just ‘sessions,’ they are strategic investments in your personal and professional growth. It’s not merely about clocking hours; it’s about leveraging those hours for maximum impact. After your first engagement, you’ll quickly grasp the irreplaceable value of the reflective and transformative space we create together.


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