What is High Impact Executive Coaching?

By Claudia Nagel


High Impact Executive Coaching deals with leaders at the top of organizations. It  is designed to have a real and lasting impact on their personality. Many coachings work on a behavioral level on the surface of a person but does not go deep enough to create real change.

If you are a top executive, you know that you are special, that your unique personality got you to the top of your organization. But at the top, the situation changes because of the level of complexity, responsibility, and impact your personality has on the entire organization.

Why High Impact Executive Coaching

Top executives like you have learned a lot to adapt to the demands of climbing the corporate ladder. But at the top, the wind is in your face and there is no place to hide.

However, like everyone else, you have behavioral and emotional patterns that we are sometimes not aware of. We all do things we do not want to do and do not know why; sometimes we react in ways we later regret, or we are just not sure what would be an appropriate reaction in a very difficult situation. You also affect people in ways that you may not be aware of. Being an extraordinary person while suffering from ordinary emotions is not always easy to reconcile, and finding someone to talk to is often difficult. It can be lonely at the top of organizations, and trusting people has the disadvantage of being abused for one’s own agenda. A coach can be a good idea.

C-Level Executives

High-impact executive coaching is for C-level executives only. It is different because it focuses on the unique personality of top executives and the specific situation in which they find themselves, offering a real solution to questions and difficulties that may only become visible at the top of the hierarchy. It is a bit like pulling back the curtain for the final step in the development of your personality. The other visibility, responsibility and loneliness create an amalgam that can bring up old reaction and emotional patterns that you thought you had left behind – or that you thought you did not have, both are possible.

High Impact Executive Coaching is for people who have already worked on themselves and want to go one step further and deeper. Also because they have understood that new leadership requirements demand a new leadership style: more versatile, more authentic, more empathic, more courageous, without giving up their business acumen and strategic thinking.

Characteristics of High Impact Executive Coaching

High Impact Executive Coaching has several characteristics:

  • It takes the whole life biography into account, knowing that we are shaped by our past experiences.
  • It embraces the insight that there is no thinking without feeling because it applies neuroscience.
  • It takes emotions and relationships seriously because it knows how they affect decision-making and leadership.
  • It digs a little deeper because it knows that much of what we do and feel comes from brain levels beyond our awareness.
  • It integrates basic human questions such as what the purpose of life is because it knows that these questions may have been in the background as you moved up the corporate ladder.
  • It reflects actual behavior in difficult situations because it knows that we are all guided by old, sometimes destructive, or unhelpful behavior patterns that are no longer useful.


The focus is on helping you to understand your own reactions and to learn new ways of understanding yourself, other people, and situations. I guess you would say that you have seen it all and that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. My experience with people like you is different. There is always a part of you that can pop up in unpleasant moments – this may not help the course of events, rather the opposite, so why not dare to learn something new about yourself? And live a more fulfilling life by being a better leader – better on many different levels.

If you would like to learn more about my “High Impact Executive Coaching” which entails the summary of twenty years of coaching work with top executive please contact me at: claudia@claudia-nagel.com

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